Forum Gdańsk
Forum Gdańsk


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About the Forum Gdańsk

About the Forum

Forum Gdańsk is a modern urban space open to you and your needs. You will find stores of your favorite brands, 31 cafes, bars and restaurants, a two-level cinema with 9 rooms and 2 hectares of beautifully designed greenery.

The forum is also a public space (5 new squares, courtyards and boulevards), in which cultural, social and urban events will take place, as well as the Scenic Terrace with a completely new panorama of the Main Town. This is a new part of Gdańsk created for its residents.


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Forum App

The Forum Gdańsk application is coming soon!

We have something for you that makes life easier. Thanks to our application, all current information about the Forum will be available in one place. Soon you will be able to download it completely free of charge. The application is adapted to iOS and Android.